Backpacking - A work in progress
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Backpacking - A work in progress

Ryan Leary

I've been hesitant to make this post. I've been working on a video from a trip, and while I initially had a TON of momentum editing this and putting it together...I stalled out.

I thought about it. A lot. Probably definitely lost some sleep. Why didn't I want to sit at the computer at night and just get this done? Spoiler alert - I don't have the answer. Maybe it was getting sucked into watching Billions. Or the USMNT playing Mexico. Or NHL/NBA playoffs. Or sleepy. Or checking out new NFTs - BAYC! Look at those excuses, they come easily.

This wasn't true to the spirit of why I started this. I wanted to show the work. Capture and showcase some learning. Not just share final products. So taking a new's where I'm at so far.

A work in progress. Don't watch it needs work.

Accomplished So Far

  • Cut up footage from fancy camera on tripod
  • Do this with Resolve's speed editor
  • Learn to blur out private parts

The speed editor is awesome. I'm still in the learning curve face, but had a few glimpses of it's power. I had many more glimpses of...oh wow what did I just do and why can't I undo it. How did I even do that in the first place? Most of these seemed to be a result of bouncing between the Cut and Edit views and not realizing there was a difference in functionality. I'm impressed, and happy to purchase a great product from a company that continues to impress.

Blurring out privates - this was awkward. I don't think anyone should have to spend so long reviewing that kind of footage, especially of themselves. Props to the auto-tracking in Resolve. Once I learned how to use that, it made things MUCH faster and easier. I didn't have to move the blurred section manually, the computer does it for me! Weird that it can do that though.

The TODO List

  • Incorporate some GoPro footage. As it stands, the video is kind of cinematic and captures the solo experience. But I get bored watching it. GoPro is where I filmed more outtakes and talking to myself, and I think it makes it more fun to watch.
  • Add some footage from around camp, going to bed, etc.
  • Decide what to do with the 2nd day footage. Its at the end now, but I think it would be better as part of one story.
  • Potentially add some commentary. I saw some REALLY cool stuff I didn't capture: A dog scared the hell out of me. Starlink getting deployed in a big long line of 50 satellites (while I was listening to a great audiobook set in space). Some of these are my favorite parts of the trip, but there's no video to really go with it.
  • Color correct / color grade. Some of the snow is too bright. Everything can use a contrast bump and a bit more pop. Some shadows need a lift. Should I give myself a spray tan?
  • Music - I like the ambient sounds of the birds and wind, but think a little music will make it more engaging.
  • Some titles / effects. I won't be disclosing the location, but want to get some basic title effects I've been playing with into this video.
  • Cut the longer video (I imagine all told it'll be around 8-10 min) down into a few bite sized segments to share on other platforms like Instagram.
  • Decide if I'm bold enough for my skinny dip to be one of those segments.

Stay tuned. I may get this ALL done this week. I may also just go backpacking again and accumulate more footage to sift through from another trip.