Aloha e komo mai! While you are out here, enjoying all the great food is a must. There's tons of blogs, IG foodie influencers, yelp, etc. that can steer you in a great direction, but we wanted to share some of our favorites and regular spots to guide you a bit.


Everyone on the island has their favorite spot and will go to war defending it. Here's some great spots to grab some:

Off the Hook: Fresh fish purchased at the auction daily. This takeout spot is tucked away in Manoa valley and gets a big line at lunch time. Ryan always gets the sushi rice, spicy ahi, and wasabi furikake. Annie loves the Cold Ginger Ahi.

Ono Seafood: Couple locations, always fresh. I'll pick some up at the Kakaako Farmers market saturday morning, and they also have a location near waikiki.

Tamashiro Market: Seafood market...with great poke selections. Definitely a more local feel.

Fort Ruger Market: Hole in the wall corner store with some great poke.

Foodland: While maybe not the best, you can't go wrong with all the selections at the grocery store counter.


Another Hawaiian staple and the perfect hiking snack.

7-11 and ABC store: Yes, just get them there, they are great and made fresh daily befre making it to convenience stores all over the island.

Musubi Cafe Iyasume: The fancy place to get spam and rice. They are BIG and have options like avocado, shiso, egg, etc.

Waikiki Spots

A bunch of people are staying in Waikiki. While we don't brave the crowds there too often, we're drawn for some of the food quite a bit!

Monkeypod: Highlight on local foods and always great. Famous for their mai tai with lilikoi foam! Fresh Island Fish sandwich is Ryan's favorite. And the szechuan green beans. Oooo and mac nut crusted fresh fish! Get a strawberry creme pie for desset. It's so good.

Moku: Outside of Waikiki and next to our apartment, this is a more casual version of Monkeypod with a more limited menu, but it has our favorites.. Great great happy hour prices

Zigu: Japanese menu highlighting local ingredients. The owner/chef recently changed, but food has always been good.

Marugame Udon: Huge line, locations expanding, but it's good if you want some noodles and Tempura.

Hula Grill: Toursity, but you can get a Hula pie for dessert, and that's worth it. We like to go after dinner, sit in the bar area, and just get the Hula pie.

More Highlights

These are our favorites and where we go a lot!

Pioneer Saloon: There's two locations, we eat at the one in Kakako. Japanese/Hawaiian plate lunch/dinners. We eat here at least once a week, and rotate between the mochiko chicken (fried chicken) with spicy mayo, grilled mahi mahi (garlic), and ribeye. Everything we've had is great. I don't think the other location has the mahi mahi. Bonus - take your container over to Village Beer to grab a drink to help ease the pain when you burn your mouth on the fresh and HOT fried chicken.

Pig and the Lady: Vietnamese fusion in Chinatown, one of the most consistent and well executed restaurants around. Menu changes often and it's always so good.

Istanbul: Mediterrean restaurant in Ward, very delicious! Great for brunch!

Lam's Kitchen: Hole in the wall noodles and soups in Chinatown. Great for lunch!

Yung Yee Kee: Dim sum! Open all day! This is our favorite spot on Oahu and conveniently located right next to the mall.

Zippy's: Is it a Hawaii trip without Zippy's? Annie loves the spaghetti. Ryan loves breakfast with eggs, protuguese sausage and rice. What don't they have?! The saimin is great too!

Pearl's Korean BBQ: Meat Jun! SO good. Marinated Korean beef fried up in egg. YUMMMMM. A regular Uber eats order for Ryan...

Keeamoku Seafood: Serious hole in the wall that serves incredible takout salmon belly (cooked in oil) and poke. Another goto UberEats when we don't want to cook.

Yakitori Hachibei: Go for the yakitori omakase! Great and yummy!

Foodland: SALT N VINEGAR WINGS. There's a lot of great stuff here in general. I can never get enough of these wings. Also love the salmon chazuke dip!


There are a ton of places and you can likely find a great option!

Doraku: great happy hour and a few locations, including in Waikiki.

Sushi ii: my favorite and regular spot. A great deal on a chef's selection of nigiri or chirashi bowl.


Leonard's malasadas: A staple on the island, especially hot and fresh. The main location can get crazy. If you find yourself venturing down to hike Kokohead or check out Hanauma bay, there's a food truck location in Hawaiia Kai that is never as crowded.

Liliha bakery: Another staple. Their malasadas aren't hot, but quite tasty (liliko and haupia are great!). Also...the cream puffs....drool.

Blacksheep creamery: Annie claims she's going grocery shopping at HMart, but I think it's usually to go to the foodcourt on the second floor and check out what is on the flavor rotation at Blacksheep. Deliciously creamy ice cream.

Farmer's Market

You'll be well fed at the wedding, but might as well get some good food earlier in the day! The Kakaako Farmer's Market (Saturday) has some incredible food.

Baker Dude's: Cinnamon Croissant

Youpo Noodes: Hand pulled noodles.

Mazemen: Dry Ramen!

Smashburger: Huge line, fatty meaty burger.

Wildfour: Exceptional baked goods!


Kona Coffee Purveyors | b patisserie: In waikiki, go for the pastries and get a coffee. The kouign amann are incredible.

TRY Coffee: Hidden away on the second floor of a tiny mall with a great patio to sit and enjoy your coffee on. The roaster here used to do it for kona, and this is a great spot to go enjoy a cup.

Arvo: The local spot for us. I LOVE the charcoal latte!

Honolulu Coffee Experience Center: Pretty good coffee spot right outside waikiki.

The Curb Kaimuki: PNW vibes coffee. Very good!